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Research Excellence Centers within UAE.

During 2008 NRF will develop Guidelines, and Funding Rules and Requirements for Research Excellence Centers (RECs). Proposals for RECs will be subject to international peer review during the second half of 2008. Funding for RECs will commence in 2009. There will be three established and funded from the beginning of 2009. Funding for an additional three will commence later in 2009.

RECs will:

  • be consistent with national research priorities;
  • include international and local partners or 'nodes';
  • be headed by an internationally renowned scholar;
  • generate significant added value i.e. produce outcomes and outputs greater than the sum of the individual project outputs had they been funded individually;
  • be guided by a board of international experts and advisors;
  • publish an annual report of performance outcomes against objectives;
  • be funded for 5 years in the first instance with the potential for renewal for a further 5 years, depending upon performance.

NRF Center Calls

Research Excellence Centers (REC) Program 2008 CompetitionResearch Excellence Centers (REC) Program 2008 Competition

Grant Terms and Conditions

National Research Foundation Terms and Conditions of Research Grants(May 2008)National Research Foundation Terms and Conditions of Research Grants(May 2008)

Application Form

NRF Application Form)NRF Application Form

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