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The National Research Foundation (NRF) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) advances the UAE national research agenda by awarding grants for research on a competitive basis in those fields of endeavor that will improve the quality of life of the citizens of UAE or contribute to the advancement of the UAE as a knowledge-based society.

The NRF acknowledges that one of the main competitive edges in science and technology is the quantity and quality of its human resources. Young national researcher talents are key contributors to a flourishing knowledge-based society in the UAE. Working as a researcher is probably one of the most exciting jobs one can have, but researchers’ careers are also highly demanding, requiring a lot of dedication. With the Young Emirati Researchers Prize (YERP) the NRF wants to acknowledge the effort young Emirati researchers and innovators have already made to contribute to the knowledge base in any scientific discipline.

YERP 2011 is a prize-based competition aimed at young Emirati researchers who have completed either a PhD or Master’s by research in recent years. It is granted to Emiratis demonstrating outstanding research performance. At the same time, the prize aims to inspire the next generation of young Emiratis to pursue a research career.

Prize Objectives

  • Honor outstanding young national talents in research.
  • Encourage researchers to continue their contribution to building and enlarging a solid base of knowledgeable, capable and well-trained research knowledge workers in UAE.
  • Encourage young people in the UAE to engage in a research career.

Eligibility Conditions

For PhD Prize:

Applicant must be:

  • Be a UAE national citizen.
  • Be an early-stage researcher; PhD must have been awarded at any time in the three years prior to 1 September 2011.
  • Provide certified proof of award of PhD.
  • Applicants of all ages may apply.

For Masters by Research

Applicant must be:

  • Be a UAE national citizen.
  • Be early-stage researchers; Masters by Research must have been awarded at any time in the three years prior to 1st September 2011.
  • Provide certified proof of award of the Masters by Research
  • Applicants of all ages may apply.

Key Deadlines

  • 21 November 2011: Deadline for nominee submission
  • 22 December 2011: External evaluation of applications completed
  • 2 January 2012: NRF sends notification on jury decision
  • January 2012: Prize Awarding Ceremony

Grant Terms and Conditions

National Research Foundation Terms and ConditionsNational Research Foundation Terms and Conditions

YERP 2011 Call for Submission of Proposals

Young Emirati Researchers PrizeYoung Emirati Researchers Prize (YERP) 2011

Submission Instructions

YERP Application Form screenshotYERP Application Form screenshot - NOT TO BE SUBMITTED

To Apply click here.

Application is open only to UAE National Citizens.

For Inquiries

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