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The National Research Foundation (NRF) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) advances the UAE national research agenda by awarding grants for research on a competitive basis in those fields of endeavor that will improve the quality of life of the citizens of UAE or contribute to the advancement of the UAE as a knowledge-based society.

The NRF recognizes that mobility of researchers and freedom of research are essential, as research thrives in dynamic environments and new concepts and products arise from the exchange of ideas and the pooling of great minds.

Researchers have been on the move since Ancient times. During the Middle Ages, e.g. the great advancements in astronomy, medicine and mathematics in the Arab World were distributed across Europe via Al Andalus. Since these first steps, mobility of researchers, thinkers and innovators has allowed the circulation of ideas, the exchange of concepts and the dissemination of techniques.

Mobility of researchers has been of high importance in previous times and is crucial today. The grand challenges that our knowledge-based society is facing can only be achieved by new ideas, knowledge and techniques brought forward by highly trained researchers embedded in international networks of collaborators. Thus, mobility of researchers needs to be encouraged, structured and sustained.

The Emirati Faculty Research Mobility Award (EFRMA) 2011 program is intended to encourage Emirati Faculty members to explore academic environments outside the UAE, gain knowledge in the relevant field of teaching and establish international networks. EFRMA aims to reinforce the international dimension of the career of Emirati researchers by giving them the opportunity to be trained and acquire new knowledge in a high-level organization active in research, established outside the UAE during an outgoing phase. Subsequently, these researchers will return with the acquired knowledge and experience to their home organization.

Award Objectives

  • Allow Emirati researchers to realize an outgoing phase to an international host organization for training and acquiring new knowledge.
  • Reinforce the international dimension of the career of Emirati researchers.
  • Transfer internationally gained knowledge to home organization in the UAE.
  • Encourage Emirati researchers to establish an international network of collaboration.

Eligibility Conditions

Applicant must be:

  • A UAE National citizen.
  • A full time faculty member in the federal institutions and the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA)-approved institutions in UAE can submit EFRMA 2011 applications.
  • Applicants of all ages may apply.

If any of the above conditions are not met, then NRF reserves the right to declare the nominee ineligible.

Key Deadlines

  • 21 November 2011: Deadline for nominee submission
  • 22 December 2011: External evaluation of applications completed
  • 2 January 2012: NRF sends notification on jury decision
  • January 2012: Prize Awarding Ceremony

Grant Terms and Conditions

National Research Foundation Terms and ConditionsNational Research Foundation Terms and Conditions

EFRMA 2011 Call for Submission of Proposals

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Emirati Faculty Research and Mobility AwardEmirati Faculty Research and Mobility Award

Submission Instructions

EFRMA Application Form screenshotEFRMA Application Form screenshot - NOT TO BE SUBMITTED

To Apply click here.

Application is open only to UAE National Citizens.

For Inquiries

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